Valet Tray, Baseball Mitt Leather


Now where, did I leave my keys? Keys, watches, jewelry, mementos, and cash all could use a designated spot for safe keeping. Since that spot might be somewhere it can be seen, we think that it should be beautiful, too.

Our leather tray are an elegantly simple solution to all your safe keeping needs. Set them on your desktop, nightstand, or dresser to seamlessly incorporate into your daily ritual. Each caddy is precisely crafted by hand to keep all the small stuff right where you want it.  

This special edition is made with genuine Horween baseball glove leather. Tanned in Chicago, this is authentic USA-made mitt leather. Tray is made with rough side out for a unique contrast.

Dimensions: 4.5 in long x 5 in wide x 1.5 in tall

Materials: US-tanned baseball leather and brass hardware.

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