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Leather Clutch

  • Leather Clutch
  • Leather Clutch
  • Leather Clutch

Leather Clutch



If there was only one bag to define casual elegance, this might be it. So luxuriously simple, this clutch is a must have for every woman. When a big bag is unnecessary, the Wood&Faulk leather clutch is the go to for carrying your essentials. It’s easy to carry on its own or store in a larger bag as well. One of the staples that every wardrobe needs. 

Our leather was chosen for its strong weight and buttery soft feel. The way it drapes and the substantial feel of material conveys high quality. This is the clutch that you’ll have the rest of your life. It could be your signature piece.

We offer two sizes… The standard size is perfectly suited for day-to-day essentials, the oversize will carry more, but also make a larger statement. When choosing either size, the same beautiful materials will win you over. 

Dimensions for standard: 10.5in wide, 7in height

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