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Key Fob

  • Key Fob
  • Key Fob
  • Key Fob
  • Key Fob

Key Fob

Cask Brown



1 in wide x 3.25 in long.


Redwing Tannery leather, plated key ring.


The beauty of leather is that it will age and change over time to the way you use it. Try to keep your leather dry, but when it happens, let your item air-dry overnight. You can apply saddle soap or cleaning and protection, and we recommend quality conditioners from Red Wing Shoes or from our friends at Otter Wax.


A simple fob made with SB Foot / Red Wing leather, a stamped split ring, and held together with our stamped rivet – It's sure to add pure class to your key set. Cut and assembled in our Portland workshop.

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