Besides producing Wood&Faulk's own branded goods, we have extensive experience designing, creating and manufacturing items in leather and canvas. With more than eight years in this space, we've accumulated the machines, talent, and wisdom to create an array of goods outside our bag and accessories mainstay. 

Founder, Matt Pierce, has been working as a designer for nearly two decades and has a background in graphic, interior, and product design. His love of interior design was the catalyst to start W&F and to begin sharing the DIY projects that live in the W&F Journal today. As the business grew and more specialized tools were acquired, the decision was made to bring more interiors projects into the studio. 

We've worked with clients such as Ace Hotel Portland, The Jennings Hotel, Phloem Studio, OMFG Co, The Huntington Lodge, Factory North, The State Hotel among others.

Leatherwork machines in W&F design studio

Leather sling for Phloem Studio

Leather seat sling designed and produced for Phloem Studio


Magazine pocket designed for The State Hotel

Magazine pocket designed and produced for The State Hotel


To discuss your project, please reach out to Matt Pierce -, or fill out our form below.