Traveler Shave Kit, Limited Duck Camouflage


Sometimes simplicity is best, especially when traveling. What is your travel style? If you rely upon your gear for longevity, but prefer to not be bogged down by your belongings, the Traverse Shave Kit is your answer.

The compact size feels roomy enough for the essentials, and weighs in at an astonishingly agile 4.1 ounces. Perfectly geared for the light traveler, spirited adventurer or that extended journey where you know you'll fill your bag up with souvenirs.

We’ve made this traveler’s dopp kit to carry just what you need without added weight, while maintaining strength and classic good looks. Each kit is made in our Portland, Oregon workshop to exacting quality standards and we’ll stand by every piece we create with a solid warranty on craftsmanship.

This item is final sale.

Dimensions: 10 in wide x 5.5 in tall x 6 in deep.

Materials: Made #10 cotton water repellent canvas, leather accents from SB Foot Tanning Co, and brass YKK zippers. Our small production runs ensure excellent quality with a rugged warranty to match.

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