Grand Tourer Duffel, North Coast Grey


Getting out with a W&F bag puts you in an elite category of traveler. It’s reserved for those that are curious about the world, those in search of wisdom and inspiration. W&F owners know that the bag they carry can affect an entire trip and even though they choose to travel in style, durability and function are always top of mind.

We’re built the Grand Tourer duffel for all your road tripping, plane hopping, train taking dreams. For 2018 we've updated the canvas and outfitted it with matte nickel hardware finishes.

The Grand Tourer duffel takes cues from vintage military bags, when over-constructing was done to endure the toughest conditions. Made with tough #10 canvas, and doubled up in places where it counts. This US milled and finished canvas has an amazing texture and durable feel to it. High strength color coordinated webbing is sewn into the body to provide the sturdiest anchor points for the shoulder strap and handles. This is likely the last duffel you will ever purchase.

Dimensions: 21in wide, 11in tall, 9in deep

Materials: Made with #10 water repellent cotton canvas, luxurious and tough leather from SB Foot Tanning Co, Matte nickel hardware and stout YKK zippers. Our small production runs ensure excellent quality with a rugged warranty to match.

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