Mighty Clouds Record Review

For the past five days, I’ve been listening to a new self-titled album by Mighty Clouds and I think I love every song. I’ve even gotten to the po...

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Store Preview of Paumes Books

I received an exciting package today, and am too excited not to share. Though, there's a little lead-up first. As some of you might have noticed,...

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Pickled Brussels Sprouts

I wasn’t intending for my next article to be about Brussels sprouts. Sure, I think they are great, but really, my recipe is super easy and not blo...

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Wooden Crate Headboard

Bedrooms in my house are very, very small. A queen-sized bed fits – but without much room on either side for nightstands or storage. I had a smal...

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Clark's Wallabees Review

The current trend of throw-back, mocassin-style, established-company, old-world-thing has brought many classic styles back into popularity, and I...

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Homemade Ginger Ale

It’s not really Spring weather around here, but you can still enjoy some Spring/Summer beverages. Here’s my home-made ginger ale recipe for you t...

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"Wood&Faulk began in 2010 as a blog about 'Experiments, Style and Craft' covering DIY guides, reviews, and more with a small online store. 

As we've grown, our bags and accessories line has expanded too – built to be rugged classics, rooted in the spirit of the Northwest."

Matt Pierce