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Workshop Hi-Fi June

posted by Matt Pierce on June 16, 2016

Instead of a review, I'm going speak about some music I'm drawn to in a more general sense. I'm sure I've rambled on about how much music moves me from previous Hi-Fi posts, but here's a little more understanding of how I use music in my life. I'm certainly oversimplifying here, but here's a sampling of four of my main categories. 

1. When I'm frustrated, Soul. Somedays are tougher than others. Maybe today was one of those. On the way back from an errand, one thing that was gonna make me feel a little better was some record shopping. Enter the new Charles Bradley. As soon as I saw it, I knew that was the key. Something about the electric, emotional bursts of pain and joy with soul music can instantly make me feel better. 

2. When I'm trying to think of something new or be creative, Jazz. There's a certain energy I get from it - mainly free jazz, Verve and Blue Note era stuff. John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus. However, to pick one record that I really love, that I found in a Kansas Goodwill, I say Boss Tenors from Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt. I encourage you to seek it out.

3. When a sewing machine breaks, Sufjan. It's poor form to say Sufjan Stevens is a category, but that's the cure when shit hits the fan in the workshop. I had a former employee that instantly would play the Sufjan channel on the shop stereo when a machine went down. She knew that it was the only way to keep my from throwing the offender out the window. When I was starting out, machines would break a lot. Pushing them past what we knew they could do best, combined with my limited knowledge of sewing machine repair... we played Sufjan quite often. 

4. After I get home and sit in my chair, Lo-Fi and Probably Sad. Heh, that's not a real category either, but I LOVE the sad stuff. I think it's a by-product of too much of the Cure's Disintegration as a growing boy. Anyways, Smog is a great example. Maybe it's just Bill Callahan's delivery, but all of his stuff sounds so sadly comforting. Start with Knock Knock if you're unfamiliar.