Workshop Hi-Fi, February 2020

Wow, have I got some savory selections for you this time. In the last new months, I've found myself doing lots of thinking. As I've shared earlier, the recent changes with W&F have taken a while to develop. During this period of heady introspection and hunkering down, I've been enjoying three records in particular. 

First, let's talk about Angel Olsen. I'm astonished about how much I love this record. I've always been amazed by her work and am constantly surprised about how different each album is while still having her distinctive take. I so enjoy seeing personal changes occur in humans, so listening to her growth, setbacks, breakouts, and discoveries that flow through her songwriting is captivating. This is a record that you'll want to devour, follow word-for-word in the liner notes, and play repeatedly. Also, I'll mention the production on this record is top notch. Yes, I'm a hi-fi freak, but you owe it to yourself... on a good-sounding system or headphones, this record absolutely comes alive. 

Angel Olsen, All Mirrors

Michael Kiwanuka's first record is awesomely melancholy and introspective, but this latest record is the one I play when I get those bursts of energy to get out of my head and figure shit out. It starts upbeat like a good jolt, and then evens out to a steady, even current as the record progresses. His voice is perfectly suited throughout the high energy and the cool calm on this album. 

Michael Kiwanuka, KIWANUKA

This last selection is a sexy one... be warned. I don't smoke cigarettes, but you're probably gonna want one midway through. How I never discovered this project in 2017 is beyond me, but it's a good one to know now. Greg Gonzales is the singer behind this ambient dream-pop anthem that reminds me of a hyper-sexed Cowboy Junkies or a sedated Concrete Blonde. The record is soothing and tingly... like a mildly pervy lullaby for adults.