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What Fits? Mini Packs

posted by Matt Pierce on June 30, 2016

Here's the first installment from a series we start a long time ago – What Fits? Hopefully with a few pictures we can help you decide which bag is appropriate to handle your desired amount of stuff. We'll begin with our smallest bags, the Mini Packs.

All three are terribly handy, and there's even a discount on the collection. Our smallest is 5w x 4 inches, medium is 9.5w x 4.75 inches and our largest is 9.5w x 7.5 inches. Made with #10 weight waxed canvas, a sturdy YKK coil zipper and our logo patch in leather. 

If you have one, we'd love to see what you're stuffing in them! Post your pics and tag them #wfminipacks on your feeds.

North Coast Grey small pack

High Desert Sage medium pack

North Coast Grey large pack

High Desert Sage small pack

Cascade Range Tan medium pack

High Desert Sage large pack