WF Folks: Melanie Nead - Lonesome Pictopia

Portland is full of so many amazing working artists, it's unbelievable. One of these brilliant folks is Melanie Nead. Formerly the founder/honcho at Icon Tattoo, Melanie has created custom artwork for countless people to step through those doors. Now she's working on her new creation - a studio called Lonesome Pictopia. 

From small scale to very large scale, she's becoming known for her magical wall paintings and interior installations. Drawing inspiration from the Arts and Crafts Movement, Aret Nouveau, botany and biology, she's producing fulfilling work in homes, bars, restaurants and public spaces. 

She's been working with paint on leather for a short while and had ideas for the perfect collaboration on a W&F bag. After supplying her with some colorful pockets to illustrate, she brings us three wonderful designs - ONLY available here. Playing on her strengths as an artist, her magical mind and personal history, we have three very special pieces to offer you!

"Wood&Faulk began in 2010 as a blog about 'Experiments, Style and Craft' covering DIY guides, reviews, and more with a small online store. 

As we've grown, our bags and accessories line has expanded too – built to be rugged classics, rooted in the spirit of the Northwest."

Matt Pierce