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Wall Mounted Shelf DIY

posted by Matt Pierce on August 31, 2016

If you live in a small space, you know the challenge of making everything fit without getting cluttered. Shelves and storage are great benefits, but sometimes large and cumbersome. This space needed a simple shelf under the window where the sofa resides and if I were to buy something, it certainly wouldn't be the exact dimensions I needed. I have some old boards that could be used for easy shelves, but I had to figure out some mounting or legs first. 

Sofa Table DIY

Pipe furniture has been done a thousand different ways, but it certainly works! You can configure it however you wanted, and for me, I wanted real simple. No need for four legs, I devised a setup that would use the wall as support while only needing simple center supports. The board was thick enough to span a good distance without bending and it wasn't going to carry much weight anyway. Keep some plants close to the window, hold some drinks, sometimes a fan.

Start by finding an appropriate sized board. I had one that fit the width and depth perfectly. I wanted to set it off the wall some to accommodate the window and the space around it looked good too. Measure how far off you want it from the wall and measure from the center of your board to the wall. Also calculate your shelf height. From there, you can buy the piping to create your setup.

You'll need four flanges, two tees, four uprights that create your shelf height, and two support pieces that will dictate how close it mounts to the wall. Finally, a couple caps to act as feet.

pipe and flanges for the shelf DIY

Assembly is super easy, as indicated in the pics. Once assembled, mount to the wall with one screw to start. After using a level, make sure the pieces are plumb and then install additional wall screws. Once the legs are in place, set your board on top, make sure it's equally spaced from the wall and add screws to the underside.

Depending on your desired use, this setup can act as a shelf or even a bench with minor modifications. 

Final setup of the shelf DIY