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Tiandra's Rolling Cabin

posted by Matt Pierce on March 13, 2017

We all dream of that romantic vagabond lifestyle, but in reality, few of us are able to commit. When I first met Tiandra many years ago, I knew we'd have a close bond, but I also realized that I would never probably see her in one place for very long. She worked at W&F for about a year, gracing us with that incredible talent and ridiculous grin, but like the fox she is, you can't fence her in. Fast forward to now, and she's more of a roamer than ever. 

We last caught up in Pioneer Town, just a stone's throw from Joshua Tree during the Desert+Denim show. I was excited to see this rolling cabin project in person after hearing about the progress for so long and I was blown away. It was ultimately more amazing than how she was describing it, mainly because even though she's a rascal, she's also quite humble about her talents.

While tossing around adventure mobile ideas, she asked her family to keep an eye out for retired emergency vehicles. Since many of her family have/are serving on volunteer fire departments or as EMTs, this was a good network to have looking for you. Two days later, her mom sent her a pic of a retired ambulance that'd been sitting around for about 10 years. Without blinking, she bought it for $400. It was last registered to the Ute Mountain Tribe, but had no title. After applying for a lost title with the DMV, it took about 5 months before she could start.

She'd worked in her dad's cabinet shop since she was a sprout and when you see the interior of this truck, the cabinetry is nicer than most houses. She lives with mostly essentials, and all are neatly stored away. For a small footprint, the truck feels so spacious. She'd chopped out a huge portion of ceiling and installed a bubble skylight that opens the space up tremendously. You can stand upright now, and be bathed in light, or better yet - stars. 

Not much left to do before it's finished, which has probably been completed in the couple weeks since I saw her. Last we talked, she'll be driving back to Joshua Tree and relocating there for a while. Though most likely, not too long. Follow her here - WhiskeyT

rolling ambulance adventure mobile

retired ambulance cabin

rolling cabin conversion

cabinets by Tiandra Cummins

pull out bed in the back

primo storage space

living room on wheels

Gotta represent Willie

custom tile entry

storage and big sky

back porch

rolling ambulance adventure mobile

Tiandra in all her glory