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Spirit of the W&F Woman

posted by Matt Pierce on May 12, 2017

I'm always looking for ways to show the true spirit of Wood&Faulk. It can be difficult trying to accurately capture the feeling I have for this little company. Of course W&F is dedicated to making long-lasting pieces with function and style – That's easy to see. How do I capture the nuances of style vs. fashion? How do I convey the wisdom behind having great style? Do you choose the bag or does the bag choose you? I could write pages upon pages about all the concepts in my brain.

Hopefully you can get a glimpse into the feeling I envision for the W&F woman with this series. I'm incredibly happy how they turned out and owe thanks to a superb crew for helping bring these thoughts to life. Gratitude to this super team:

Photography: Parker Woods
Wardrobe: Becca Zukowski
Models: Robdu Hailu and Anabella Anger


Who is the Wood&Faulk Woman?

The Structured Tote in Cask Leather

Robdu relaxing with the leather Field Bag

Structured Tote, Made in USA, Full Grain Leather

Natural Beige Structured Tote

Large leather totes, Made in USA

Leather Field Bag with Robdu

Anabella with the Sidecar