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One Forty Three Workshop Visit

posted by Matt Pierce on March 02, 2017

Inside the workshop OneFortyThree

I've always felt a special kinship with Logan and Roxy – the duo behind the brand One Forty Three. Like me, they started a blog with the intention of documenting projects and experiments. That turned into more curiosity and tinkering, and in short time, those ideas turned into a neat little company. I own many of their pieces, have known them for quite a while (in internet years), and have finally been fortunate enough to check out the workshop in person. 

Located outside of Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada, the outwardly nondescript space holds so many treasures. A wealth of tools, car projects, fabricated parts, antique furniture, guitars, Jurassic Park collectibles, and more... My head was obviously spinning. 

Lighting fabrication area

vacuum forming tables

Custom modified vacuum bag tables, made for forming their wood ply parts.

Projects are all over the place.

Custom mural on the sander

A friend's mural on the wide belt sander, because why not?

Bender named Bender

What do you name your bender? Bender, of course.

The Chevelle in the back of the shop

Roxy in the final assembly area

All of their pieces are built in this shop, from the amazing lighting to chairs to thoughtful home accessories. The design behind the fabrication is comfortable and classic, with a modernist-forward feeling. The colors can be subdued (my pieces are obviously black or brown) to the incredibly playful and punchy.

Sewing machine in a slab

Their sewing machine is mounted in a walnut slab! Very convenient when you have a sewing experiment pop into your head.

parts and parts

Volkswagen camping van

How many projects do they actually have going at once? Seemingly a lot. Another jealousy inducing one is their Volkswagen bus... being built as a camping machine. The natural patina on that blue paint KILLS ME. Logan repainted the roof, but matte white to keep the worn look consistent.

Sideview of that amazing VW camping bus project

Inside the VW camper van