Midcentury Style Speaker DIY

I can't pass up a deal on cool vintage speakers! I saw these at a shop in town for about $25. I'm sure they sounded dusty and crunchy, but the shape of the cabinets and that brown grill cover sold me. I knew I could rescue them with a little work. Sometimes new speakers just look off, and I always prefer simple and classic. If you're into crafting a comfortable space like I am, maybe you can DIY a smooth sounding bargain with some vintage midcentury speakers. 

Once I took them apart for a further inspection, sure enough the tweeters were blown and the woofers were kind of lifeless. I didn't want to spend a lot of dough on them, just enough to freshen them up. After pouring over specs on Parts Express (I'm not getting paid, they just have tons of great parts for tinkerers!) I decided on some replacement speakers that loosely matched the original specs. Much larger magnets on the woofers, of course! Sizing plays into this experiment too... maybe I could get a better sounding setup with other types of components, but I wanted minimal work and no cabinet cutting to get them up and running. 

After putting everything together, they sounds 10x better. Altogether, it cost me about $75, but the fun of tinkering was more than worth it.

Midcentury styled speakers, DIY with new drivers

retrofitting vintage speakers with new drivers

Updated drivers in these vintage walnut veneer speaker cabinets

The final DIY... speakers that look vintage mid century, but sounds fresh and modern