Introducing the Sidecar

This bag's return has been a long time coming. Years ago, we had the 12" Carpenter in our line and it did great. As our own manufacturing plans took hold, new bags were added and experimented with, some were dropped and that little guy was left behind. After all this time, we still get requests for its return – including many of you that expressed interest in a recent W&F survey. Well, we listened and are preparing to bring it back. 

Our updated version is called the Sidecar Everyday Bag. Think vintage Vespa... You're buzzing around Rome and loading up on bread and wine. Where do you stash all that stuff? The Sidecar. It's a perfect companion.

'Well, how do I get one?' you might ask... The short answer is soon. We will be releasing the Sidecar as a pre-order shortly while we ramp up our production. Another reason for taking pre-orders is that in addition to our standard colors, we'll be offering six limited editions. That's nine total options! Some of those will be very short runs, so stay in touch with our email newsletters and you'll know exactly when they're available!

Introducing the Sidecar Everyday Bag

Sage waxed canvas and Red Wing leather on the Sidecar Everyday bag

Wood and Faulk Sidecar bag

Black Limited Edition Sidecar Bag

Fluorescent orange!