Ginew and Land Boys- The Shop Jacket

I'd been thinking about this jacket for a while, and even if summer time is a dumb time to buy jackets, I checked in with my Ginew friends and said I needed one. The Ginew HQ is in my neighborhood, so I just pedaled over the next day. After biking home from Amanda and Erik's studio, the temp was just right for this thing. Erik even cooked hamburgers (your customer service results may vary). Mission accomplished. 

Let's back up. Ginew (Gih-noo) began as a project in 2010 - by making some handcrafted belts for their own wedding party in 2010. With inspiration from their Native American (Ojibwe, Oneida, Mohican) and craftsmen heritage, they are now residing in Portland and running the world's only Native American owned premium denim brand. This jacket is a "conceptual and design exploration" with designer cult favorites HOUSE OF LAND, manufactured by the legendary Dehen in Portland.

The Shop Jacket references vintage shop jackets, with the spirit of early car clubs. It was created with 11.5oz RHT natural denim from the now defunct Cone Mills White Oak plant, brass hardware, and all cut and sewn at Dehen.

For many reasons, I had to have it. I'm dying to see how the natural denim changes and gets a little dingy. I love how materials change and become broken in... hence our bags, hence those 3sixteens I'm wearing too. It's already becoming more comfortable as I wear it, as the jacket is conforming to my posture. Erik tells me the raw denim will relax about 4% as you wear. I like a close fitting jacket and normally wear a 38, and this small works perfectly. The raglan sleeves are super unique in this type of jacket, and adds to the casual styled fit. 

If you're not already convinced to pick one up, each jacket also comes with a collaborative bandana and patches designed by HOUSE OF LAND. If you're STILL not convinced, Erik made a coupon code just for us! Use 'SHOPJACKET' when you checkout at and get 15% off as a W&F follower. Special coupon only available until August 15, 2018.

wearing the Ginew "Shop Jacket"

Cone Mills natural denim from the White Oak plant

wearing The Shop Jacket from Ginew and Land Boys

backside of The Shop Jacket by Ginew

Comes with HOUSE OF LAND designed bandana

Patches come with each Shop Jacket, designed by LAND

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Matt Pierce