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DIY Film Pocket

posted by Matt Pierce on March 30, 2017

Leather 35mm Film Pocket

I haven't done a sewing DIY in a while, plus Spring is around the corner which has me anxious to get out more and exercise some of my old cameras. Thinking about ideas, I was entertained with the thought of a small leather pouch - just big enough for a few canisters of film. 

If you don't shoot film this layout is pretty easy to modify for about anything... business cards, really short pencils, a couple packs of gum? 

First step, download my template here and print it at 100% on your home printer. All the holes are marked too, which should save you some construction time. 

Parts and tools needed for the film pouch project

You'll need a medium sized piece of leather, blade or some strong scissors for cutting, a ruler, a hole punch, an awl, and snap setting hardware. I used vegetable tanned natural leather, which will age amazingly... However, anything firm and about 4-5oz thick should work. Stiffer pieces will be easier to sew up, especially since this is a slightly awkward shape that won't fit into most stitch ponies. 

Cut your leather body out and carefully mark all the sewing holes with your awl. I use a Tandy hand sewing punch to finish the holes, but you can use the awl, or a nail, or a chisel point too. Once your main piece is cut and all holes made, bend it in all the creased areas to shape and this will make your sewing a little easier. 


Before stitching, it's easier to install your snap hardware... Especially if you're driving it with a hammer. After hardware is added, we'll begin sewing. If you have a stitch pony, you can clamp it in, otherwise stitching without will go much slower, but it's doable. I have full sewing instructions from my previous DIY posts listed here to refresh you.

I started sewing at the flap side and worked my way to the front corner of the pocket. This way you can tie your ends into the pocket and they are less visible. Trim those threads and you're ready to pack some film and get shooting!

Finished DIY 35mm Film Pocket