Alea and Peter

Alea and Peter

Kind, curious and interesting. That's the kind of character we strive for with Wood&Faulk as a company and that's the attributes seen in our customers, friends and family. We'd like to introduce you to a new section on the Journal – W&F Folks. It's where we feature customers,  family, and engaged folks doing cool/good/kind things in their lives. Want to share your story with us? Drop us a note at and say hello.

Alea and Peter standing in Solabee Flowers, Portland Northeast

Alea and Peter are folks after my own heart. Hardworking, kind and easy going despite having more than a handful of jobs and hustling like the best of us. I was lucky enough to get a minute of their time to catch up, visit with the adorable Opal, take some family shots in Alea's beautiful shop, and get a few questions in.

What’s your personal story in once sentence?

Alea: I’m a new mom.

Peter: I’m a new father.

What do you consider yourself an expert in? How did you get to that point?

A: Flowers and plants, more specifically how we relate to them as humans while integrating them into our homes and lives.

P: I've been a barista for more than a decade. After years of learning from and working with some brilliant and committed coffee professionals I feel like I know a thing or two about the job.

What would you like to be an expert in if things were different?

A: Herbalism, yoga. I'd also be a much better traveler.

P: Drawing, drumming, and woodworking are all hobbies that I wish I were expert in.

What is an object you’ve held onto the longest and why?

A: A leather knife strap my father gave my mother the last time they saw each other.

P: Interestingly enough, the object that I've held on to the longest was my previous wallet. I had it for nearly twenty years. When I finally decided to retire it I knew I had to replace it with one that I'd be happy using for another 20 years. 

Does community play into your business/project?

A: Community is everything for our business. We are nothing without people to share and connect with over our passion for the plant world.

What is your approach to personal style? Any icons you admire?

A: As much as I try to be fancy, comfort has always been my best accessory.

How did you get started in your business?

A: Running from a conventional life.

In what ways do you find a balance between work and play?

A: Usually in order to find balance I have to leave town regularly. It's been challenging as a business owner, but the mom thing has taken it to a whole new level. It's a work in progress.

Any personal advice you try to live by?

A: Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I'm still a fan of the Golden Rule.


Opal knows a good wallet when she chews it – the Classic Billfold.

Alea's choice is the Holland Wallet in chestnut.

Peter, Alea and Opal in the front of Solabee Flowers in Portland, Oregon. Shop their items now!

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