Adding to the Floating Wood Shelf DIY

While everyone purges, I just keep buying books. I know there's a lot of you out there that feel the same way, so here's an update to my previous Floating Shelf DIY. I do get rid of some books... just not enough to offset the amount I accumulate. In my small space, storage is key, so I decided to build up. 

I won't go full re-cap, because all my original instructions apply. Check out the step-by-step here. Going higher does change the 'floating' aspect some, as the underpinnings are more visible at this line of sight. To build any more levels, we'll really be able to see the back cleat. However, the more books you pack in there, the better. Sidenote: SOMEONE WITH THOUSANDS OF BOOKS – PLEASE HIRE ME AS YOUR INTERIOR DESIGNER. 

Here's the before picture. 

Total materials, under $45.

Adding the back cleat to the same height as the pipe supports.

Secure the pipe supports slightly towards the front to distribute weight between the pipe leg and the back cleat.

Check your level before attaching to cleat with a few finish nails.

Add knick-knacks.

The finished second shelf on our Floating Wooden Bookshelf DIY