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Bridgestone Touring Project

posted by Matt Pierce on April 19, 2016

The sun is finally shining in Portland and I really don't need an excuse to buy a new bicycle, but there is something about warm evenings and bike rides. I've been looking for a good touring project for quite a while and missed out on a few gems over the past few months. I have been wanting to build something that was easy for pedaling to the shop, carrying my bag (or a bag I might design soon), maybe running around on some country roads or a mild camp trail. Finally found and secured a great candidate for this plan – a 1982 Bridgestone Antares LDT (long distance tourer). 

These bikes were built before Grant Petersen made his large impact on the company, to which I'm a big fan, but being a touring model, it still has the traditional, comfortable spirit that he brought to the brand.

First steps involve some comfort improvements. Trying a new Brooks Cambium seat out, and yes, I'm unsure about not having a leather Brooks, but the thought of weather-free worries are intriguing. Also installing some more upright bars, some Nitto Dove handlebars that I had lying around from a previous build. 

As a side note, I'll be releasing some handlebar/saddle bags too. A while ago, W&F acquired the rights to a fun bike bag company called United Pedal. I had every intention of turning this into an off-shoot or side project, but I think it might be best to bring some bike bags into the W&F family instead. I have some small inventory of these, and I'll add them to the store at a killer price. 

What projects are you all interested in seeing on this bike? I've got ideas, and hope this will be a springboard, but I'd love to hear from you too. Whether it's what to do with this thing, or what W&F can make for your bike, or what DIYs can I can create around biking culture? 

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