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Fringe Key Fob DIY

posted by Matt Pierce on February 02, 2016

Here's a simple DIY that my sister might've been asking about for little more than a year. Lacey, this fringe key fob project is for you! Also, I might have been amassing a large amount of leather scrap from our slouch bags and need to figure out how to use it. Soft, dense leathers work perfect for this task.

Tools you'll need: Rotary knife, cutting surface, ruler, hole punch, scissors, template

Materials used: Soft piece of leather, 5/16" double cap rivets, split keyring

Start by downloading the template and print it out at original size. Cut out the perimeter with scissors and lay over your leather piece. Using a rotary knife cut the straights. Trace with an awl and use leather scissors for the trickier parts.

After you have the main leather piece cut, use the template as a guide for cutting the fringes. This is done best with a clear ruler, cutting to the mid point and then flipping sizes so the ruler stays flat on the leather surfaces. Using the template again, mark your holes with the awl, and use the hole punch to finish.

Grab the keyring and place over the tab. Fold the tab over and wrap the leather around it. Holes should line up, but you can coerce them with the rivet. Place the rivet cap on the other side and tap with a hammer to set. 

Last step, give to your sister!