A Fast Five Years


I can hardly believe it. About this time five years ago, I launched a simple blog about DIY projects. Hadn't much of an idea what would come of things, but I surely could have never anticipated what W&F has become today. 

It's been fun, stressful, exciting, inspiring, even more stressful, gratifying, and on a day like this... I'm awestruck. Thanks to everyone that has read my posts, bought any products, constructed any projects or just checked in once in a while. For your support, I am overwhelmingly grateful. 

So to mark this milestone, I'd love to introduce the Anniversary Collection. Consisting of five sharp pieces, I think we've got about everything a W&F loyalist might need. (Well, besides the car and an engaging date.)

Monumental thanks to the W&F family, crew and friends over the years and special thanks to our Juliet Zulu crew for helping create this fitting introduction. I hope you enjoy the collection.

Thanks to the crew and contributors at Juliet Zulu: Sarah Simmons - Art Director, Evan Kinkel - Creative Producer,
Brenton Salo - Photographer, Will Malzahn - Camera 1, Ian Hussey - Camera 2

Styling: Becca Lanka, Lindsey Reif
Jewelry: Seaworthy
Automobile: Ian Davis
Motorcycle: Amos Lanka
Location: Joshua McFadden