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Limited Editions – Baseball Mitt Duffle

posted by Matt Pierce on October 05, 2015

The duffle pair

Here's our latest offering from the W&F Limited Editions – a new, larger duffle size that is made with genuine Horween baseball mitt leather. It's super strong, stiff to start, and has that amazing smell of a fresh baseball glove. I bought this leather to make a bag eventually, but I didn't know what when the order was placed. After thinking for a bit, I asked myself, what fits that nostalgic sentiment better than a simple duffle? 

I remember breaking in new baseball mitts as a kid. Load them with glove oil, wrap a baseball in the palm and then crush it under your mattress every night. What started out super stiff eventually turned into a beautiful and useful tool. 

Since we only have so much leather, these are extremely limited. Available in the larger size and our regular too. Get one today before they're gone!

The duffle pair

The duffle pair

The duffle pair