Desert+Denim Returns!

Our fine friends at Juniper Ridge are up to it again... already gearing up for Desert+Denim 2016. We had a great time in 2015 last February and can't wait to do it all again. If there was ever a way to experience the best imaginable lifestyle trade-show concept, it's in the desert hanging out with this strange and brilliant crew. This coming year, you can join up too. It's going to be bigger and badder than ever. There's a kickstarter campaign to raise some support. It's a huge undertaking and not to mention $expensive$, but these guys do it for the love, camaraderie, and purpose of elevating what all of us weirdos are making with our lives. Renegade brands, cool folks, good food, perfect weather, magical surroundings, and easy living... you need to make it out for 2016.