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Andre Bertin Bicycle Project

posted by Matt Pierce on September 23, 2015

This was a project bike that I'd found a while back, slowly started working on it but ended up putting it on my trainer over the winter instead of finishing. Though I'd show some progress as I was messing with things.

When I found it, the bike was in superb condition. The frame and most components were in mint condition. There was some weirdness though, mostly with all the ultra-light trendy bits. The wheels were super light, but impractical to ride on 16 spokes through the city. Handlebars and stem were clearly dated and I wanted to bring it back to a more traditional classic. 

Found some Campy hubs, had them laced to some shiny clinchers. A clean Cinelli stem and Nitto noodles helped tremendously too. Just finished up the bar tape and shellac, probably still going to change the tires to gumwalls and want to find some gum hoods for the brakes too. 

What are you guys working on? Anyone building something fun lately? I keep searching for an older Bridgestone MTB to make my next touring project... I think I enjoy building more than riding.