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What's on the Workshop Hi-Fi?

posted by Matt Pierce on June 23, 2015

I should be better at seeking new music. I love finding new things, but we've all been in the place where you're too busy to relax and dig around. I've been in one of those spells lately and it's time to try and put some effort in... Starting with a simple trip to the record store. Did you know there's a new Sharon Van Etten EP? I'm still listening to "Are We There" and didn't expect something new already, so it was a nice surprise. It's amazing of course. She's definitely a long running favorite with me. Have a listen to I Don't Want To Let You Down.

Next up, The Tallest Man on Earth released a new one too, Dark Bird Is Home. The thoughtful songwriting you expect, but this one seems more polished. I personally like the looser feel of his older work, but still really solid. After each additional listen, I grow fonder. 

Lastly, this one has been on replay for a while now, but it's too good not to share. Local folks Houndstooth released No News From Home at the end of March and if you haven't heard of it, definitely seek it out. They've also released a video for Borderlands and it's delightful – watch it here right now.

That's it for June. Let's try and do this again next month! Wouldn't hurt to remind me either.