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Joseph and the Jennings

posted by Matt Pierce on June 07, 2015

I've posted about this place before, and if you follow W&F instagram, you've seen even more of it. It's a small town in Northeastern Oregon, introduced to me by my good friend, Greg Hennes. He fell in love with the town years ago and has since been entranced by a certain building – the former Jennings Hotel. 

About a year ago, he decided to pursue his dream and he bought it. After taking ownership, he's done a ton of work and it gets better and better every time I see it. Not long after my last visit, he launched his Kickstarter and I'm happy to be helping in a tiny bit with custom W&F made key fobs and a special tote. There's still time to participate too, but you've got only a few days! I urge you to view his project and if you're inclined to help, I know he's be super excited. 

Here's some pics of Joseph and the surrounding areas from the last few trips I've taken there. So much nearby to see and do, I can't even show a fraction of it. Go visit and see for yourself!