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Current Uniform

posted by Matt Pierce on April 17, 2015

I think the main reason I find myself in business today is because of my interest of how personal items wear-in. It was definitely the belt-experiment from many years ago that sparked the manufacturing that we do today. I'm still fascinated how personal items age with the user... jeans, boots, bags, trucks, tools. Nearly everything you touch on a regular basis. 

From this idea, I thought I'd share what my current personal uniform is lately. The above picture is how I arrive to the workshop nearly every single day. Cypress Vagabond with my computer and whatever books/magazines I'm reading, my Jack/Knife barn coat, 3sixteen ST-100x, and a rotating supply of Red Wings. Some button down and W&F belts are in constant rotation too. 

It's been fun seeing how our Vagabond changes and becomes personalized. The natural beige Red Wing leather and the heavy waxed cotton Martexin look better as time goes. Nylons and the like have their place, but there's so much more soul in cotton, wax, leather and denim.