The Northwesterner Collection

Things have been exciting and exhausting here at W&F HQ. There has been so much work towards our newest line for some time now, and it's finally coming to fruition. After everything involved with the crazy retail aspect of holidays, we are tidying up some fun collaborations and figuring out what our company direction should look like in 2015. It's weird even saying that... Company direction? Not too long ago, it was just some guy posting DIY instructions. This release is where we show our growing maturity. (I won't deny we don't have our awkward moments, maybe think of us as an old-soul high school freshman?) 

Instead of one Northwesterner model, it's now the Northwesterner Collection. With this release, nearly everything has been redesigned, from pockets to colors to closure to entirely new models. I feel like they all have more of the W&F spirit than ever before. Officially we launch in February, but here’s your chance to get an early place in line. We’re accepting pre-orders at a special 15% off. This helps our workshop cover early production costs, but also gives back a little to you – our loyal fans. The delivery wait is about three weeks, since we are generating stock as I write this, but know that you’ll have them sooner than anyone else on the planet.

Once we launch officially, the special first look offer is gone. To get the pre-release discount, use our code ‘FIRSTLOOK’ when ordering. Offer ends February 11. 

photography from - Cara Denison, Matt Pierce