Key Sleeve DIY

In my pursuit to cover everything in leather, here's a fun and frivolous one. It looks cool, requires almost no material and is quite simple. PURE KEY LUXURY.

You'll need a small scrap of leather, I'm using some from our bag production. It's from SB Foot / Red Wing and about 4.5oz weight. Also some waxed thread, a couple needles, a hole punch, scissors, straight edge and an awl.

I've created a downloadable template with a design that should work for most house keys. If you've got something different, or want to really wrap to the profile, you can draw something up custom. Have fun with it... Would be cool to wrap an alarm fob or something too.

Print out the template, and cut it out with scissors. Use the template to trace on your piece of leather with a needle or awl. Once traced, cut the leather with a straight edge and knife, or heavy scissors. Next, punch the holes for stitches with a punch or #00 size tube. Punch the keyring cutout with a #6.

Stitch together with the double needle method that I've shown here. You can put it in a stitch pony, or hold by hand. It's a little more precarious, but can be done with some patience. After stitching, you can wax the leather edges with a little bees wax to smooth it and you're ready.

For those who don't have time to stitch, we've done something interesting this time and are releasing our own key sleeve at the very same time as the DIY. 

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