Simple Strap Planter

Since we've moved into a larger workshop, there's so much more room to breathe. As a side-effect, new plants keep showing up. Beth, one of our designers, came up with a sharp idea to make a svelte plant hanger DIY. Using some leather straps, some brass hardware and a terra cotta pot, this is what she came up with.

Assemble your parts – you'll need three Chicago screws, a long strap of leather, a loop for the hanging point, a terra cotta pot. For tools, gather a drill, masonry bit, leather punch, water jug, scissors, and leather dye if necessary.

You'll need to cut your leather strap to 48" long and a width of half an inch. This makes a long, dramatic hanger, but can also be cut to whatever length you need. Beth decided to dye the leather edges to keep it cleanly all black. If you're going for a natural look or using a lighter leather, you can skip the dye.

Next, grab your drill and a masonry bit and some water to drill out slots into your planter. It is helpful to have a friend pour some water during the drilling - it keeps the dust down and seems to help the bit cut cleaner. Drill two holes next to each other and then you can steadily push the drill bit into the side and cut through the middle of your slot. It takes a little patience, and don't put too much force on it at once, since the terra cotta can break. After both slots are drilled, rinse off the dust and bring it back inside to your bench.

Feed your leather strap though the slot and measure where you'd like the Chicago screw to be on the ends. These are about 3/4 inches from the slot. Add your hanging hardware to the strap (Beth chose a brass loop and ring combo from Oregon Leather Co.) and attach the other side to the pot. After both ends are attached to the pot, you can find the center point of the strap and add the third Chicago screw to secure the hanging loop.

Lastly, mount to your ceiling or a wall hook and get to plant shopping.