Joseph and the Abandoned Scout Camp

Recently, one of my best amigos purchased a little fixer-upper project in Joseph, Oregon. I've heard great things about the little town, but until a few weeks ago, hadn't seen it myself. Being about six hours from Portland, it's not the quickest getaway. However, now that Greg is living there part-time, I've got reason to leave the shop for a long weekend once in a while.

More on Greg's project in future posts, but I though I'd at least start to show some pics from starting visits. A small group of us spent the fourth of July out there and it was quite fun. The route is directly east through Pendleton, then La Grande, then up and around the west edge of Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and dropping into the gateway to Wallowa Lake. It's a varied and beautiful drive out, with plenty of small town stops that are reminiscent of the small Kansas towns that I grew up around.

Part of the venture was spent on the east moraine of Wallowa Lake watching the fireworks, then exploring around through an abandoned scout camp. Part of the camp history involves a dining hall fire, floods, landslides and finally a mudslide in 2002 that led to the closure. Also nearby is the Wallowa Lake Tramway, which takes riders to the summit of Mt.Howard. From the 8,000ft elevation, you can look out across the Wallowa Mountains and Eagle Cap Wilderness.

If you get a chance, Joseph is really a unique getaway. I'll be posting more with subsequent trips.