Brooke Thompson Engraved Lighters

This project has been on my mind for a while. It was one of the earliest conversations I had with Brooke when we were chatting about her artwork over a year ago. I had heard she was engraving lighters for a few select friends and while I was asking her to create our bandana illustration, I kept thinking about lighters too. Fast forward to now, and they are finally here.

I envy Brooke's talent and her amazing mind. The characters she creates are comfortable, funny and bizarre all at once, and in the best ways. She's taken some of our imagery from the bandana and added her own to this limited collection. Once you order, I'll put her to work. They won't run forever and there's only two places to get them... from me or her. I feel like she'll continue with some new ideas later, but no telling when these will be discontinued, so if you like one – order it.

Also, to celebrate her unique style, I'll make you a deal on her bandana edition too. You're gonna want to polish this thing and maybe cleanup some spilt lighter fluid anyway, so might as well. Use the code BANDANA and get one for 50% off. Also know that these are hand engraved, so your lighter may not be 1000% absolute exact to the flash sheet. Because of this, lighters cannot be returned or exchanged.