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Wood&Faulk Travel Pack

posted by Matt Pierce on June 13, 2014

We've been working on our take for the standard dopp kit for a while now... Even releasing a very traditional shape to our retail partners earlier this year. After producing a few dozen of them, we just weren't completely thrilled with it. We wanted something a little different and more fun to make. Following a regular production run and an afternoon of feverish experimenting, the new shape emerged. Not only was it more fun to make, it had much more utility than the first design. A larger, bucket-like opening makes contents easier to see and the vintage loop of tent cord works great as a pull or extended hanger. The new design now also has a nylon liner that's easy to clean.

Now that we've finalized the perfect shape, we're releasing a (very) limited edition to start with. Using the last small bits of a camouflage printed nylon, there will be eight pieces made for the first release. We don't have enough camo to enter full production, but it's too cool not to offer a few. So, there's two of each color way being made with the nylon camo. First some, first served. When we track down another supply of nylon, we might make more in this style.

If you can't get your hands on the camo version, we'll be offering continued production with a bark brown nylon liner. The bags are made with water resistant US milled canvas, huge YKK zippers, a small bit of SB Foot leather and vintage stock tent cord. Available in the store today!