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Wood Grain, Plaid and Brass

posted by Matt Pierce on May 19, 2014

Here's just a check-in of recent things happening in the shop. Firstly, we're introducing brown stained Ash legs to the campstool options. The darker brown legs looks amazing with all the colors, with my favorite being the tan combo. The lighter seat and dark legs look quite sharp. They are available here as of today.

In personal news, the Landcruiser is getting some new upholstery! The original seats were worn, torn and stained. Driver seat has been missing some foam and was tearing on the entry side as old trucks do. After lots of searching, I finally found the perfect material. I'd been looking for the right plaid, but it's hard to find in upholstery grade. Happy to share that it's now in the works. I love plaids, and wanted something that reminded me of the patterns from 80s Porsches and old Mercedes G-Wagens. Should be done in a couple weeks, but here's the teaser. I'm lucky to have one of my studio mates, Revive Designs, working on it.

Lastly, we'll have some customized lighters coming to our shop soon. They will be limited in supply and only available through our online store. Brooke Thompson, the brilliant illustrator that worked on our bandana, will be pulling some symbols from that (and more) and engraving into antique brass lighters. As we get closer, I'll put another post up with details.