Heavy Moves

For the last two and a half years, W&F has been happily working out of the Beam&Anchor space in Northeast Portland. In about a month, we will be moving. Extremely thankful for our growth in the past couple years, but now we have lots of heavy stuff to sort out soon. In advance of the move, as we stare at inventory on the racks, maybe a little sale is in order.

In honor of our pending move, HEAVYMOVE will get you 15% off all Northwesterner bags in our shop. Help us help you - stock up today!

It's already been previewed a little on Instagram, but I thought I'd share some progress pics of our new location here too. Still in Northeast Portland, and really close to our friends at B&A. (They will still be the premier retailer in Portland to buy our goods.) The new shop will still be open for visits, but we'll not have a retail portion. Just expanded production, design space, plant refuge, and higher employee morale! There's six of us working as of today, all in about 600sq ft. The new facility will be a little more than 3,600.

We'll post more as we move in and get settled, and if you're visiting town, think about stopping by.