Beautiful Departure

I'm always experimenting in the shop with new plans. I know I'm really late to the tote party, but I usually don't move unless things feel really right. After starting to use some new leathers in our products (from SB Foot Tannery of Red Wing Boots fame), more ideas started to emerge. Ideas and directions get planted, a few attempts fail, some ideas get too complicated, but now I think we've come up with something simple and special.

This plan has been in the works for a while (and of course leaked plenty on instagram), but I thought a proper launch might be nice. So with the help of some friends and conspirators, we have put together this official launch. It's a real departure from what we've been doing, but as the experiments go around here, it seems comfortable at the same time.

Superb thanks go to Alison Brislin for art direction and as producer, Lisa Warninger for photography, Hannah Ferrara of Another Feather for jewelry, Maya Rose for her line Samuels exclusively for Lowell, Frances May, Ailsa Hopper for hair and makeup styling, Jessica Smith and Emily Mills as represented by Option.

The new bags are available today in our store – I hope you like them.

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