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Forgot My Own Birthday

posted by Matt Pierce on November 06, 2013

Well, another year passes and I'm late in realizing it. Yesterday it seems, was the third birthday for Wood&Faulk. Such a crazy feeling thinking back on this project and what it has become. What started as a simple blog about personal projects and ideas, has turned into my full time job, which now also employs three other people. I'm eternally grateful at the reception it has received and am humbled every day I arrive in the shop, knowing I have exciting things to work on.

It's been interesting setting up a shop and (reluctantly) starting a business. There's an inconceivable amount of duties for a new business owner, few of which I was accustomed to doing. It can be frustrating at times, but each item I get past something, it becomes great experience. I have to thank JD for pushing me to start a blog when I wasn't sure, thanks to Anna and Victoria for the early promotion and tweets and such, thanks to Erin for the early WordPress help, and thanks to Pensworth for the continued development help. Thanks to Grace for pulling me into D*S as a contributor, which was a huge motivation. Thanks to Robert and Jocelyn for bringing me into some amazing space, and thanks to my rad W&F team - Anna, Emma and Nate.

I know there's tons more folks to thank and it would be crazy amounts of text to cover it. Know that I'm super grateful to everyone that's helped and supported and read and purchased items! Here's some pics to recap some projects in the last three years, and I'm looking forward to new projects in the coming years.