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Lake Timothy Return

posted by Matt Pierce on July 28, 2013

Work in the shop has been crazy for the last four weeks. A little bit before it started, a few of us had a chance to get out for a day to Timothy Lake. A little bit before that, I got a delivery from Sanborn Canoe Co. As a part of the Sanborn Scout program, we get to try some of their wares, and I was the recipient of some amazing new paddles. We had a Sams' Special and a Little Sag in our boat.

First, I was amazed at how light they are. Mostly cedar construction, so I knew they wouldn't be heavy... I just wasn't prepared for how easy they were to handle and made paddling nearly effortless. Such a believer in these paddles now. The bent shaft of the Little Sag helped with an extra push, perfect for stern position.

Greg has been paddling with some Borealis for a while now and we traded off for a bit. We both agreed each other's paddles handled differently, but to similar effect. Weight was comparable, paddling was easy, though the Borealis seemed to move you a little easier presumably due to the extra degrees of bend.

After leaving Timothy, we stopped by Little Crater Lake. Which is seriously little. But nice.