Thomas Kay Pendleton Camp Stool

I've hinted at this thing for a while now with some instagrams here and there, but am finally posting the final for you to check out. We were approached by Pendleton to do a small run of camp stools with some of their fabric for The Thomas Kay Collection and were extremely excited about it.

Employing a slightly different process and a little more work, but we're super proud of the final product. We start with yards of Pendleton wool and cut to our triangle shape. The material is adhered to the leather seat and then serged and sewn to the leather. Just as tough as our leather seat model, but with some added style and pattern. Brass hardware and ash legs as usual.

Some of you have asked if we're going to have them in the store, and unfortunately we won't. They will only be sold through Pendleton, and in short supply. Try checking with the Pendleton store in Portland if you're interested.