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Sanborn Scouts

posted by Matt Pierce on May 28, 2013

Work around here is still real fun... Though I seem to work a lot. I have to attempt to make time for real breaks because there's always extra projects to fill my spare time. One of the more relaxing ways to get a break is taking out the canoe. Then again, I don't canoe as much as I'd like because of projects. Will this work better if I make canoeing a project?

So my friend Evan submitted a list of us to be potential 'Scouts' for Sanborn Canoe Company. They're a small company in Minnesota making amazing paddles and other outdoor goods. They've got a fantastic story and the amount of work and care that goes into their product is unreal. They are looking to boost the stories on their blog around canoe culture and thankfully chose us as their Northwest Scouts. What this means is we get a little free gear for contributing stories about our projects or trips or whatever. It's the perfect scenario for me to take a real break and get in the boat.

So this leads me to add more content on my blog about getting outside too. I hope you enjoy some pics from my trips as much as you do some of my projects. Also, follow our progress and the other Scouts on Sanborn's blog. They also have tumblr and instagram feeds. There's a lot of great content in there already and I'm excited to see more stories written.

Here's some pics from the last camping canoe trip I took with friends. Evan and I set out to Timothy Lake on a Friday, and Anna and Addy joined up Saturday. It was a excellent time and I'm already thinking of the next mountain lake trip to share.