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W&F Shop Space

posted by Matt Pierce on April 09, 2013

It's been a while since I moved things out of my house, and everything has just continued to move faster and faster. So fast that I realized I've never even formally introduced my current shop on the blog.

If you follow W&F on Instagram, you've seen small bits of the place, but since my dear friend Lisa was in recently taking pics, I want to share and show the place off. As you can see, now there's more than enough room for tools, work tables, materials and even an expert employee, Anna.

I work out of the Beam&Anchor building, which is the fantastic vision of my friends Robert and Jocelyn Rahm. It's an old, reworked building located in NE Portland, and I'm extremely fortunate that they asked to have me included. There's no other way I could have gotten this far and this busy without having such an inspiring place to work.

A major source of the inspiration comes from the other building's tenants – Maak Soap Lab, Revive Upholstery, Earthbound Industries, Phloem Studio and of course space for Robert to work on his artifacts/creations and space for Jocelyn to paint. Below us all is the retail shop, helmed by Jocelyn, Currie, Robert and Patrick. It's been an amazing experience working alongside and with such hardworking and creative folks.