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Heritage Charcuterie Sheath

posted by Matt Pierce on April 01, 2013

There's been a shift in the shop as of late. As trends change, we need to be ahead of the curve to stay in business. People are on the move and can sometimes get hungry and we need to accommodate them. That's why as of today, we are suspending all bag production and diving head first into a new market. Consumables carrying accessories.

We've been doing some extensive testing in the shop (consequently gaining about 23lbs. during) and are finally ready to launch our new flagship product, the Heritage Charcuterie Sheath series. We should be adding models to the store as early as this week.

Have you ever found yourself out and about, realizing that you could really use a bite of cured meat? Let's say you're on a date with a delightful vegetarian and decide to just eat salad for dinner, but later have a craving for hand-crafted salami? You're in the office, meetings out the wazoo and can't take a break. Running between board rooms, wouldn't it be great to refresh with a little snack? Maybe it's just a weekend canoe trip with your buddies. You want to carry a snack, but you need both hands free to launch the boats.

Now there's no problem. You can have cured meat on your belt AT ALL TIMES.