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Wood&Faulk Home Goods

posted by Matt Pierce on March 27, 2013

Who knew I'd be making home goods? I sure didn't. It dawned on me when I was making a wholesale catalog that I had enough products for that new category (Mason Jar Sleeves already in production and releasing soon). Granted, I didn't really plan for any of this to actually happen, but now I've got a bunch of products in the store and even more in works in the shop. It's been really exciting.

In the spirit of making things I need in my own life, I decided to create some W&F coasters and a trivet. Great for saving furniture from drips and scorches, and also look nice too. I agonized over what design to stamp on them, and after trying out lots of objects and looks, I settled on a simple pattern of tiny crosses.

Coasters come in packs of four and the trivets are sold singularly. They're made with the same English bridle leather that I've been using on the Camp Stools – a beautiful example that is tanned here in the US. Cut, stamped and burnished in our Portland shop.