DIY Northwesterner / Otter Wax

I've had this special in the works for a while now, and am finally bringing it to the shop. I teamed up with a local friend Chris, who makes an amazing water-repellant wax called Otter Wax to offer this package special. Otter Wax is made in Portland with all-natural ingredients and does wonders in the rainy climate we have here. I figured it would be the perfect compliment to a natural canvas W&F bag, where you can apply your wax and to give an instantly worn-in look and water repellant properties.

They are available in the store today. The leather handles and straps will age to a golden tan, so with just a little use, this bag will look like a well-used favorite.

The wax comes in bar form, so you simply take it out of the box and rub into the fabric to apply. As you get a little built up, you can use a clean rag to rub it in and even it out. Because the fabric is heavy and textured, you'll definitely use up a good share of it, but should have about a half bar left to do future touch ups. There's also some good tutorial advice on the Otter Wax site.