Make Dumb Stuff

This is a dumb little project. Not that I don't like it, but it's a trivial little thing that's not really worthy of a DIY, but there's a lesson here still – MAKE DUMB STUFF. It's perfect  practice to grow and make better, less dumb stuff. I've made so many prototypes of things that have turned HORRIBLY wrong, but I've learned plenty with each one. This project was done in seven minutes and made purely so I don't have to dig into the bottom of my tall center console in the Land Cruiser. After finishing it, I thought of several ways to make it better, and even how to use those better ideas on other projects. The dumb little thing really got me thinking.

If you want some insight into how I create things, it's usually best surmised by this Plato quote – "Necessity, who is the mother of invention."

Sure, I think of new things plenty, but more often the real motivator for making something is to fill a need or solve a problem. It's sometimes stifling, especially when I'm trying to pull ideas together for a Design*Sponge post or something, because my immediate tendency is to only make things I need. The good part though – Is as I'm working on things, my mind fills with other ideas that branch off of the task at hand. Try it. Look around you, and find something that needs fixed. Tackle that problem and in doing so, see what else opens up.

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