Leather Watchstrap

I read an article recently about the demise of watches. Seems most folks these days don't wear them, in favor of constantly pulling their phone out of their pockets. Sure, it's one less accessory to deal with, but I can't imagine going a day without a watch on my wrist.

So, as a great excuse to buy a new watch, I figured I should do a little DIY to make your own leather strap. Timex has released the Weekender model and it's a simple, classic, timeless look with easily changed pass-through straps. They are really inexpensive and accessible too, but if you're not wanting to look like everyone else, why not personalize it?

I've written up some details for the project, and you can check out the full instructions at Design*Sponge.

This little project is really easy. You'll use the strap that comes with the watch as a guide, so you can fully cut and punch all the holes in your new strap to match by looking at the original.

This one is keeping the same pass-through look, but also check back for Watchstrap #2 – I'm going to make a traditional two-piece strap for my girlfriend's watch (yes, we're gonna be semi-matchy) and I'll post instructions and a cutting template for you.