Red Wing Passport Covers

It's crazy for me to think how things have changed around here in just a year. I missed mentioning the first W&F anniversary sometime in early November, partly because I was busy with fun projects like this one. I'm forever grateful to have met cool folks during the course of this year that are curious about what I'm doing and have wanted me to make things for them.

One of the most gracious endeavors was also one of the more stressful... Making some passport covers for Red Wing Amsterdam to be given to their agents for a Christmas gift.

It was a tight deadline and I was working with their own leather from SB Foot Tannery, which I'd never played with before. The first run had to be simple in construction to get them done in time, and yet I'm making them for someone who's been making leather boots for over a century. No pressure, right? The self-heaped on stress was quite high. Though throughout the project, I learned a lot and got very familiar with their own leathers and have great plans to make a more intricate version in the future. I guess sometimes the stress in the journey is the reward too.

photos taken by Lisa Warninger